Saturday, April 5, 2014

This n That

Today was one of those days. We had planned to go over to the Fort McDowell Casino just across the road from Eagle View RV Park to watch the dancing at the PowWow. We could hear the drumming until late last night, or should I say, early this morning. It started up again this afternoon. It's remarkable how the drums mimic a heartbeat. But, Forry wasn't feeling real great today, so we decided to wait until tomorrow.

We had some worrisome news this morning about one of Forry's older nephews who had fallen downstairs last night. He's in the hospital in Wenatchee with multiple broken bones. He's going to need a lot of prayers and medical care.

After their game was postponed yesterday due to a soggy field, the Mariners played a magnificent game against the Oakland As this afternoon. Felix Hernandez pitched an admirable 8 1/3 innings and allowed only one run. Fernando Rodney got the final two outs and his first save. It was a fun game to watch!

Michener's Hawaii recently became available as an ebook. It was one of those wonderful books I got lost in too many years ago to count. I think over the years, I have read everything Michener had written. (We went through Spain following his suggestions in Iberia.) Rereading it now so many years later, I found it every bit as engrossing as I did then. It's a lot of fun to reread something and like it as much as I did the first time. I will have to watch and see if more of his books become available as ebooks.

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