Monday, April 14, 2014

Grant Cibola KOA

This an interesting campground. By the time we went to bed last night, the park was almost half full with most of the rigs coming in during the late afternoon. By the time we got up this morning and ate breakfast, there was only two other RVs left in the park. When she brought our dinner over tonight (barbecued ribs), the staffer told us that is typical for them. They are in a good overnight stopping place for people going both north and south.

The storm that came through last night actually brought a good rain storm with it. But there was so much dust in the air that even with all the rain, my windows have dust spots all over them! We got rain here, but as we looked out the window this morning, we could see a great deal of new snow on Mount Taylor, the highest point of the San Mateo Mountains. The mountain is 11,306 feet and was named after President Zachary Taylor in 1849.

This whole area is covered with black lava beds. This is actually a collapsed lava bubble that is on the edge of the campground.

Once again this afternoon, the rigs started rolling in. It is so interesting to see the different vehicles people are using. We are beginning to see more and more large Class Cs. Parked in the next row from us is a pickup with a pop-up camper. There are two fairly good-sized people in it AND three VERY BIG dogs! Not sure where they all manage to fit to sleep, but they all went inside tonight.

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