Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Washday -- Literally!

Auntie Violet has a very nice, quite large shower with three glass sides. I can remember my dear friend Phyllis taking one look at those glass walls and shuddering. Her comment was that they would be impossible to keep looking nice. Well, actually, several years later, those walls look pretty good. You just have to be real sure to squeegee them well after each use.

It has made for some interesting shower dynamics at our house. Forry detests squeegeeing. And when he does do it, he doesn't do a very good job (My opinion, not his!). So the way we work it, he showers first, then I do and I clean the shower afterwards. It only takes a minute to use the squeegee on the glass, then use a microfiber cloth to wipe down the metal corners, the controls and the shower head.

Now my routine in the mornings was always to hop into the shower and allow the water to finish waking me up so that I could get going and be off to work. Even though I am not a morning person, that shower seemed to get me going.

Now Forry, on the other hand, does not wake up easily. His idea is to sit in his recliner, watch a bit of TV, work on his Sudoku, maybe eat his breakfast, drink his coffee and then, after he's thought about it for a while -- and been nagged a bit -- go take his shower. As a result, since we don't get up all that early, the showering business often takes until noon or later!

And that's exactly how it went today. I had laundry to do, so as soon as I was out of the shower, I put the first load in the washer. I took it outside to dry on the portable rack as I've been doing lately, but the afternoon wind gusts were a little much. After picking clothes up off the rug, I gave up and brought the drying apparatus back into the house. It's been nice doing it outside -- instead of having the living room look like a laundry!

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