Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Trip to Town

We needed groceries, so made the trip into Fountain Hills today. I finally got my act together and packed up the stuff I wanted to drop off at Goodwill. There was our old bedspread, the old towels (all wanted for pets, I understand), several t-shirts and a whole bunch of assorted electronic cords (the majority, I think, were the leads for connecting a computer to a television set).

The Goodwill store in Fountain Hills is right next to the Safeway store, but the donation area is around to the back side of the complex. When we drove up, there was a very nice gentleman there to meet us and take my bag of goodies. After he thanked me, his next comment was a query as to when we were leaving? He had looked at the Washington license plate and the hitch on the front of Toad and figured out we were snowbirds. From what he said, they get a great many donations in the Spring from the northerners who are heading back home!

The lovely big red grapefruit we have been eating all winter are gradually getting smaller and smaller as the season winds down. The ones at Safeway today were only marginally larger than the navel oranges piled beside them. On the other hand, the strawberries that are now coming in from California are red and gorgeous -- and they even smell like strawberries.

There was a big display of cantaloupes by the entrance of the stores that had absolutely no smell at all! When I picked one up, I could see the stem attached, so I knew they had been picked green. I need to have patience for this summer when the very best melons ever come from the Hermiston, Oregon area (though the ones Brother Pat used to grow were awfully good also.).

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