Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's Getting HOT!

I think my ideal temperature zone is probably between about 75 and 89 degrees. As it gets closer and closer to the mid-nineties I start getting uncomfortable. That's about the point where I decide that maybe I can deal with having the air conditioner on. I much prefer open windows and fans. As long as the air is moving, we are usually pretty comfortable.

Today it got up into the HOT! range. It was 99 degrees at one point -- and the thermometer probe is in the shade. The way we are parked, the sun is hitting the power stand. So as it got hotter, it would overheat and kick the breaker on. After putting up with it going off and on for a while, we finally gave up and shut down the AC and re-opened the windows...

I had bought a package of stew meat at Costco last week (that I divided up into three packages for the freezer). I had taken one of them out yesterday to thaw in the refrigerator. so cooked up a kettle of stew this afternoon. We had to wait until about seven to eat when it had cooled down a bit outside.

The Mariners are finally back in Seattle tonight for their Opening Game. They played a great game with Cory Hart, the Designated Hitter, hitting TWO home runs. The final score was 5-3 against the Angels. Way to go, guys!

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