Monday, February 1, 2016

Beginning Another Month

Time flies! I have not managed to get my brain to automatically say 2016 yet and it's already February. I used to chuckle at my dear mother-in-law when she'd say something like that...

It was a cold dreary day today. Last night's storm had quieted, but it was heavily overcast all day with occasional raindrops. There was enough wind to make it miserably cold. It didn't get above the mid-forties all day.

The storm made quite a mess. All of the outside chairs were blown over and my peacock with the whirling tail was gone! I finally spotted his turquoise tail way over on the other side of the fence. I went back to put on my sandals and find a warm coat. Forry wasn't awake yet and I was afraid if I waited for him, the wind would catch the peacock again and carry it down to the river! On the hand, what  I got into trouble climbing through the fence? Maybe I should wake him up so that he at least know where I was going.

Then I happened to look out the front window and saw our neighbor climbing over the fence with the peacock in his hand along with pieces of the whirligig from his yard. Very thankfully I met him outside with the rescued bird. We both decided it was a bit too brisk yet to set it up again. (This is the same man that picks up my paper every morning from out by the road and sets it by my door.)

Our walk was pretty short today. It was so miserably cold and windy and we got a bit wet as well. I took care of various bills and other stuff from Saturday's box of mail. I dealt with discarding a couple of outdated cards and activated the new MasterCards that our Credit Union is switching to instead of Visa. I even got another month posted in Quicken.

It was a perfect day to make a pot of stew. I tried something new today. Instead of the red wine I usually use, I used Angry Orchard Hard Cider for the base. I wasn't sure at first that I liked the flavor, but after it cooked down, it was awfully good.

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