Saturday, August 6, 2016

A Very Different Day

It was really smokey today. I saw on Facebook where the Grant County Sheriff had ordered an evacuation of Smyrna, west of us thirty miles or so. The fire is burning up into the Saddle Mountains.

I had just changed into my "more respectable" clothes as we were getting ready to head into town when there was a knock at the door. Jose', with his Wash and Wax business cards, had to talked with us when we were at the Pier 4 RV Resort in Moses Lake a few weeks ago. He had asked about washing and waxing Auntie Violet at that time, but I told him we wanted to wait and get it done after we moved to Desert Sun in August. Well, it's August, we are at Desert Sun, and he was ready to get to work!

So, instead of heading for town, we closed all the windows, turned on the A/C, and Jose' went to work! He used the kind of Wash and Wax product that we used to use back in the days when we did the job ourselves. It's a big difference from the crew in Arizona that actually use a buffable wax. But, Auntie Violet looks nice - and her windows are nice and clean again. Jose' did the whole job by himself in just a few hours. He's a really hard worker. Then he went ahead and did Toad II as well. And when he left, he told me to be sure and call him when the car needed washing again!

Much later than we had planned, we headed for Moses Lake. Our first stop was at Skaug's True Value hardware when we purchased an extra short hose and a nozzle so I can have enough hose to wash the patio and water my flowers. They didn't have any heated hoses or heat tapes out yet - said they wouldn't be getting them out until late September. As I was coming out the door, I saw my Sister-in-law Cindy, who was shopping in the garden section. Kinda nice to have a quick unplanned visit!

Next was the grocery store. I think I badly need an attitude adjustment about grocery shopping! It really tires me out - and I find myself getting cranky by the time I'm done. I was in line behind Stan at the check-stand. Quite a switch from Arizona where I didn't know anyone! (I think I've seen someone I know every time I've gone to the grocery store here!)

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