Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Seeing Some Light?

We had a recommendation from Barb, the camp manager, to contact Larry's Mobile RV Service. He lives near here. He said he would stop by on his way back from a job in Royal City. It was so neat to find someone who knew exactly what our electrical problem was. The guy definitely seemed to know his business. He recommended that we go into Moses Lake and see his son Chris who runs C&C RV to see about getting the inverter replaced - or perhaps rebuilt. (He also refused to charge anything for making his diagnostic service call!)

We had been wanting to take the old portable dishwasher to the Moses Lake Transfer Recycling Station. So we loaded it up into the back of Toad II and headed for town. They have an interesting setup at the transfer station. You pull up on a long scale where your rig is weighed and you are given a numbered tag. The attendant directs you to an area where you drop off your load, then you come around to a scale on the other side, getting weighed again. You give your tag back to the lady and she tells you the charge. The minimum charge is $6 which is what we paid.

From the Transfer Station, we went back to the junction of Highway 17 and I-90 where Chris's shop is located. I had to chuckle. When I tiold him his Dad had sent us, he said, "what did he not want to deal with this time?!" When we asked about inverters, he right away asked if it was a Xantrex? He said he had several in stock AND volunteered to come out to the rig so that we wouldn't have to bring it into town. He said he was going to be pretty busy until after the Labor Day holiday. We're going to be in Spokane the first part of that week for our friend's birthday party and Forry's second cataract surgery, so we settled on him coming out on Thursday, the 8th. I guess we can live with our jury rigged system until then. At least it sounds like there is hope!

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