Tuesday, August 16, 2016

To Spokane and Back

It was another "get up early" day. Forry had a follow up post- op checkup at his regular optometrist at Group Health at 9:30. Evidently, the doctor told him everything was looking good and normal for a week post surgery. Tomorrow, we drop down to two kinds of eye drops instead of three (the antibiotic one is done) and only have to do it three times per day instead of four.

After running some.errands out in the Valley, I found a Great Clips near by and we went and got haircuts. The last time Forry had his cut, the gal left it long on top and it's been getting in his eyes so he uses goop and combs it straight back, which I dislike. So this time, if anything, the gal cut it quite short on top. We'll have to see how it looks after he gets it washed again.

I have gotten very tired of having hair in my face. I've kept it clipped back, but... I decided today to have it cut shoulder length. She cut a good six inches off and did a little bit of layering. It feels good off my neck and surprisingly has a little wave in it.

We made one more stop at Hav's Western Store and bought Forry two new pairs of jeans and a half dozen new handkerchiefs. Pink and blue and red and two shades of purple.

We stopped for gas in Moses Lake and debated going out to eat, but decided to just come on home. I cut up some raw garden vegetables and fried some shrimp for supper.

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