Friday, August 19, 2016

Veggies and the Rodeo

We took my now weekly trip over to Tonnemaker's Fruit Stand this morning. Forry came along as I wanted him to see all of the goodies they have. The peppers are coming on strong now - they must have at least fifteen varieties of sweet peppers and eight of the hot ones! I bought a mixed bag of the sweet ones. I want to make some stuffed peppers.

I also got lemon cucumbers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, some Big Boys and a few heirloom tomatoes. Then came some grapes, peaches and three kinds of melons. I ended up with two boxes of goodies - the melons took up a lot of room! I think we are set for a while.

This evening we went into Moses Lake for the Roundup. Our accountant had texted and invited us to come sit in his company, Clifton, Allen Larson, box. They were great seats - right above the calf chutes. It was a great place to watch the cowboys get ready. And it was good to spend a bit of time with Cle and Elizabeth as well.

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