Saturday, August 13, 2016

Quiet Day

It was another quiet hot day. We turned the A/C on about noon and pretty much stayed inside. We got showers and did a bit of cleanup - not that the bathroom needed it or anything! I finally figured out that it is Saturday. Somewhere this week, I have lost a day! Must have been our stay in Spokane with Forry's eye surgery...

I cooked some orzo pasta and made a salad for tomorrow with lemon cucumbers, red onions and little orange cherry tomatoes. If nothing else, it's colorful. I made a dressing for it with lime juice and avocado oil. Should be good nice and cold.

Forry did go outside long enough to bring in some water and Pepsi to put in the refrigerator. It seems to be working well storing the cases in the storage shed. It certainly makes more room inside the RV.

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