Friday, August 12, 2016

Tonnemoker's Fruit Stand

I drove over to Tonnemakers Fruit Stand this afternoon to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. I got some corn, cucumbers, tomatoes (regular and heirloom and some orange cherry ones), a couple of peppers, three kinds of peaches and three different melons. I think we'll eat good for a while. I took some of the peaches over to Barb, the campground manager, as payback for the potatoes and onions she had given us. I ended up staying and visiting with her for over an hour. She's led an interesting life and is fun to talk with.

Meanwhile, while I was gone, the electrician came back. He replaced the GFI he thought was bad, but said he didn't really know why we had no electricity in any of the outlets and recommended we take the rig up to Spokane to have it worked on...

So we are still without power in the outlets. We have been using a heavy extension cord plugged into the outside pedestal and threaded through a window. It ran Forry's CPAP last night and I was able to charge the phones and my iPad. Forry even figured out how to plug in the microwave for his breakfast sandwich this morning - and the coffee pot!

We continue the three kinds of eye drops four times per day. His eye is no longer dilated and looks really normal. He says he can see well with it, so that's good.

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