Monday, August 15, 2016

It's Hot!

I was outside watering my two pots of flowers when I saw our across the road neighbor come outside. I hollered a "good morning" to her and she came over and introduced herself. she said her name was Zola, after her Grandmother Zoe.  A widow, she goes away to spend winters with one of her two daughters. Now I have met two of the ladies who live here, Zola and Barb.

It was another really hot day. I know today was entry day for the Grant County Fair. I bet it was a bit miserable for my great-nephews entering their garden produce.

I found some boneless chicken thighs in the freezer when I was thinking about what to make for supper. I had a small part of a bag of egg noodles left in the cupboard, so went ahead , chopped up an onion and some celery, and made chicken noodle soup for supper. Maybe not the best choice for a it day, but it was good.

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