Monday, August 29, 2016

Quiet Day

The maintenance fellows came over this morning and installed a new 110 plug-in on the pedestal. While they were there they redid the 50 amp plug-in that had been installed upside down. They thought whoever had installed it in the first place ran short of wire. They figured he was probably too lazy, or too tired, to get more, so installed it the way the wire he had could reach..!

We enjoyed half of one of the yellow watermelons I got at the fruit stand the other day this afternoon. They are so juicy and sweet. Just the nice cold thing for a hot afternoon.

I cut up some cucumber, purple onion and little orange cherry tomatoes into a bowl of orzo pasta. With a lime juice, rice vinegar, garlic and avocado oil dressing, the salad went well with hamburger patties for supper - and there is some left for breakfast tomorrow.

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