Sunday, August 21, 2016

Tired Today

You can tell we're getting old. We just don't bounce back like we used to. After two late nights in a row, we just couldn't get going this morning. I thought about heading into Menno for church, but we definitely were not up in time.

The wind started blowing mid-morning. The winds since we've been here have been from the east, but these gusts came from the west. It has blown all day, sometimes in hard gusts that shake Auntie Violet. The big willow trees all around the property have been dancing - they look like they are possessed. Kind of remind me of the "Whomping Willow" in the Harry Potter books.

The clouds began moving in towards evening and made an absolutely gorgeous sunset. I put a couple of pictures up on my Facebook page. (I sure wish I could figure out how to add my iPad pictures to my blog...!)

Some of the sweet peppers I got the other day are flat and pumpkin shaped. They are a perfect size for stuffed peppers for us. We had those for dinner along with cucumber sticks and of course, peaches and ice cream for dessert.

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