Friday, August 26, 2016

And Life Goes On

Life goes on no matter where you live. Today I got started on the laundry, Forry drained the tanks and put the cases of water and Pepsi we got the other day away in the shed. I moved the new dishwasher back into the corner where the old one had been. I had thought maybe I'd like it over on the edge, but I decided I missed that foot of counter space too much.

We drove over to the fruit stand, loading up on peaches, a few apples and melons. We really like the little yellow watermelons - so sweet! There are lots of semis with loads of apple boxes going up and down the roads as the early harvest begins. We also passed trucks with the large square bales of straw and some of hay.

The Mariners were playing the White Sox and Felix pitched a masterful game with Diaz finishing it off for him. Very nice!

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