Thursday, August 4, 2016


Forry slept in this morning, but I was up early. It's that time of the month again and I used the quiet early morning time to go on-line and get the bills paid. I do like Billpay at our credit union. I am able to check statements on-line and take care of getting stuff paid. It's amazing how much faster I can get it done when Forry's not around...

We did some work outside this afternoon, emptying out some of the stuff from in back of Toad II. It was nice to set up our lawn chairs and the little table out on our patio area. I hung our silver plate wind chimes from Autie Violet's mirrors and set out the "gossiping crows" and the metal javelina we got in Arizona last winter.

I tried to organize some of the stuff we keep in the car: the bagful of old blankets, the jumper cables, the bag of bungee cables (though we threw out a bunch of old rotten ones), the seat cushions for baseball games, etc. Forry still has two air compressors, a couple of fire extinguishers, a case of oil for the RV and some other miscellaneous stuff back there.

I'm afraid my whirling peacock from the girls has seen better days and may have to be retired. It's taken quite a beating from the sun and the wind.

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