Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Electrical Saga Continues...

Forry has been plugging in and using the microwave without any difficulties, but evidently using it as an oven is more than our jerry-rigged electric cords could handle. I was going to bake orange rolls with some of Brother Pat's walnuts for breakfast, but preheating the oven blew the power...

So fresh pears for breakfast it was!

We went over to Mike's at the nearby golf course for supper. Forry had a cheeseburger while I had my usual BLT. I continue to have to ask that they use butter to make the toast, not mayo, but these guys are good about it. (Mayo belongs in salads, NOT sandwiches!)

We went over to the clubhouse to charge our phones and the iPads. I don't understand it, but during the hour we were there, three different guys came in, used the restroom and left. I can understand if you are at a park without sewer, but every site here has a sewer hookup! And one of the fellows said he lived in one of the mobile homes?!

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