Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Spokane -- AGAIN!

Ugh, Forry's appointment for the last left eye visit to the ophthalmologist was at 10:30, so we got a fairly early start this morning. The cataract surgery done on his left eye two weeks ago appears to be healing well. While we were at the Eye Clinic, Forry signed the consent forms for the surgery on his right eye which they will do on September 6th. Today we dropped one application of the eye drops and will only be doing them twice a day for the next week. After that they drop to once a day for one more week. At that point it will almost be time to start the eye drop routine for the right eye!

We were done at the Clinic a little after eleven. Since we had just been in Spokane on Monday, we had no further errands, so decided to just head home. We badly needed groceries, so stopped at Safeway in Moses Lake to shop and get gas as well. Since it had been a while, I needed quite a few staples. Which meant a lot of carrying stuff in and putting it away - not the favorite activity of either of us!

I did find the key to Lockbox 10A sitting on Auntie Violet's front step when we arrived home...

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