Sunday, August 14, 2016

Church and Mariners

We were up and organized and off to Menno by 8:45. That seems to be good timing as we pulled into Menno just about an hour later, a few minutes before church started. Church was pretty full this morning, many people are done harvesting and others are back from vacation.

We returned home just in time to turn the radio on to listen to the Mariners game. They won their rubber match against the Angels while Texas lost their game. That should move them up in the standings of the West Division  of the American League.

We tried to Skype with Granddaughter Havela and Ben and Kahlyn late this afternoon, but the connection was so bad we finally gave up. We did find out the heavy rains in Illinois had stopped. Ben said that a big tree was hit by lightening not 300 feet from where they were sandbagging. He said it was pretty scary.

I used the last of the peaches I got the other day from Tonnemaker's sliced with ice cream tonight. So good!

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