Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Columbia National Wildlife Refuge

We wanted to get a mailbox here at Desert Sun for things we might want to order while we are here. I called the manager to see what we had to do (there is a bank of locked mailboxes at the top end of the campground.). She said we'd need to go into the Post Office in Othello to fill out the paperwork. When we got to the Post Office, it turned out that if we didn't want to change our address by filling out a Change of Address form, we didn't need to do anything at the Post Office, just get a key to Box A10 from the manager. We definitely do not want to change our permanent mailing address in Mount Vernon! We did get a chance to meet Kelly who is the mail delivery person for the area. She told us there are over a hundred houses on that hill behind Mardon Resort.

On our way home, we went by the Headquarters Building of the Columbia National Wildlife Refuge and decided to stop in. We picked up a nice booklet with a map and a history of the geology and decided to drive through the Refuge. Although it was a washboardy gravel road, it took us through some incredible scenery. The basalt cliffs and seep lakes along the Crab Creek Coulee are incredibly gorgeous. The road brought us past Soda Lake and then out at O'Sullivan Dam. It is going to be fun to drive it again when the Fall bird migration begins. We both lamented that neither of us had brought our cameras.

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