Monday, August 1, 2016

Movin' Day

Today was again Movin' Day. Maybe the last one for a while. I went ahead and paid for a three month stay...

We didn't do much prep yesterday, and we didn't get a very early start this morning, so it was a bit after noon when we pulled out of Ponderosa Falls today. We needed diesel, so went back towards Spokane to the Flying J near the Geiger Exit. This is an older station - only two truck lines and you have to go inside to get the pump turned on. The cashier looked at my discount card with some surprise and said that was one she didn't see very often. She was very sweet when I went back in to get the receipt and said she wished they would get more RVs there. It's just a little too far out of the way for most.

It was a pretty quick trip down to Moses Lake. I was actually surprised when Forry slowed to turn off the freeway, heading for Road M. (Grant County roads are all letters of the alphabet  - or double letters - the way they handled naming all the new roads that came in with irrigation in the fifties.) We drove to the end, then turned on Hwy 206 and went across the dam, driving along the Potholes Reservoir. The Desert Sun RV Park is a mile or so past Mardon Resort. You drive through a small community of mobile homes, then into the park.

Our site was waiting for us. The actual gravel parking area is a bit narrow and we jockeyed a bit to keep our coach wheels off of the patio and to avoid the electrical box with our slide-outs. We are backed pretty far into the site, to avoid a long run for the sewer hose. Our rear end is right up against the big willow tree behind us.

Due to our late start, it was late afternoon when we were setting up, right in the heat of the day. It was hot! My first act was to run a hose over to the little patio to water my plants that had had a hot ride down in the car - and hadn't been watered this morning as I didn't want them dripping water in the Toad.

When we checked in, we ended up coming home with sweet corn, new potatoes and some red onions. (Sounds like the manager has a connection with a local gardener as she offered us veggies when we toured the park a couple of weeks ago as well.) Add that to the ham I had in the freezer and we had a nice supper.

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