Wednesday, August 17, 2016

That Man!

It was hot still when we went to bed last night. It was tolerable with windows  on both sides of the bedroom open and my lovely overhead fan turning. But early this morning, about 5 AM, it cooled off nicely. Enough that Forry got cold. But instead of reaching down to the bottom of the bed to pull up the sheet and blanket, he rolls over and tries to cuddle. And those cold hands immediately wake me up!

I reached down, covered him up, but in the process I got a nasty cramp deep in my left thigh. I get up and try, unsuccessfully, to walk it off. Darn, it hurts! By then, I was truly wide awake. So much for sleeping in after our busy day yesterday.

It was another very hot day today. The weatherman is forecasting a cold front coming through tomorrow and predicting high winds for the Columbia Basin. I certainly hope they are wrong about the winds.

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