Thursday, August 11, 2016

Power Troubles

Our power problem did not magically disappear while we were in Spokane. We still have no power in any of the outlets. Fortunately, the main coach things are working - therefore the refrigerator/freezer and the air conditioner all work. We did some more checking over possibilities we thought of while we were gone, but couldn't get it working. Finally, I found a Mobile RV Repair service in Moses Lake with a Google search. Gene said he was on a job in Ephrata, but would come over when he was done - probably in the late afternoon. He finally got here about five and started checking things out. He was sure it might be a GFI somewhere in the coach. The Ground Fault Interrupters "pop" out when something shorts or sparks. He's also thinking the inverter may have gotten wet during our little flood which happened about the same time frame that we lost power... He's going to research it tonight and be back early in the morning.

In the meantime, we had our first company today. Pastor Yoder and his family came by for a visit. Shawna took the kids over to the state park while we visited with Pastor. When she came back, we took the kids on a tour of the RV and then shared some of Forry's Popsicles with them. It was a fun visit. We aren't around children that much any more and it always tickles me how curious they always are about our "house."

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