Tuesday, August 2, 2016


It was nice when we woke up this morning - a bit cooler after a very hot night. Then the wind started to blow. And blow! And blow!

The storm was supposed to come through tomorrow. I hope it was just early, and we won't be getting another one tomorrow...

I mentioned that we were backed into the very back of the site so that we could get to the electrical stand without hitting our slide-outs. Well, it turned out that the hard wind and that big willow tree were not a good thing for poor Auntie Violet. Forry had a chat with the manager and soon there were two fellows here doing some tree trimming. They took a whole branch off! But now, the tree branches aren't beating up on the RV.

This morning we took a quick run into Moses Lake to the post office to pick up the box of mail Daughter MM had sent over. We got our ballots for the Primary Election, sat in the car in front of the post office and voted. Then I took them back into the PO and got them mailed! Fastest turnaround ever!

We came back home the long way, taking I90 to Dodson Road, then up the Frenchman Hills Road to Tonnemoker's Fruit Stand. As Jeff had told us, it truly is a gem. I ended up with three kinds of tomatoes, some peaches, cucumbers and summer squash. All in a delightfully landscaped yard. There were roses there that would have made my mother proud!

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