Tuesday, November 1, 2016

At Last!

At last we had a quiet day at home! I would not have even gone outside if I hadn't needed to go out to the shed to get one of Brother Pat's onions for the stew I was making for supper.

The sun was out today and it was gorgeous. Many of the trees in the park are turning red and orange and yellow. They are so pretty. They are rapidly shedding their leaves and there is a colorful carpet on the patio. It warmed up to 72 degrees this afternoon.

We have lots of sparrows at the bird feeder, but they are very jumpy, flying away at the slightest noise. We saw this afternoon why they maybe are so flighty. A small hawk, possibly a Merlin, flew into the patio and perched on one of the overturned lawn chairs for a while. It was about a foot long with a striped breast, yellow feet and eyes.

I have been playing with different combinations of ingredients for beef stew. Today I added onions, a sweet potato, a Yukon Gold potato and a portion of a cutup butternut squash. All this was added to the base of braised beef cubes, covered in red wine. It was very tasty.

While my stew was simmering, I once more turned to the laundry. I cannot believe how it piles up so quickly! I suppose a goodly share of it is from all the gadabouting we've been doing.

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