Saturday, February 13, 2016


It was already nicely warm when I got up this morning and went out for the paper. Warm enough that I could leave the door open. We have had a large number of grackles around in the mornings, so I waited until just before ten to take our bag of garbage out for the collection crew. If the bags are out long enough before collection, those pesky birds actually will peck holes in the plastic. The next thing you know, there's scattered trash. The collection crew is good about picking things up, but there's no need to make extra work for them.

Trouble is, occasionally I get busy reading the newspapers on my iPad and ten o'clock comes and goes. Then we have to take the trash over to the dumpster near the park entrance.

We started on the bathroom area today. I had changed sheets and cleaned the bedroom yesterday. Today I took the bathroom rugs outside, shook them and then put them in the washing machine. I swept the bathroom area while Forry cleaned the sink and the counter top.  The way we go about it, it takes us a while. We do a little bit at a time and then take a break - or wait for another day.

We didn't walk very far this evening, Forry was complaining that his right leg was hurting. He's been walking on his own, but I roll the walker alongside so that he has a place to sit down and rest every so far. The sunset tonight was dramatically pink as there were a few clouds out over Four Peaks.

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