Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stocking Up

It was time for another visit to Costco. We had finally eaten up all of our Christmas present meat, so needed to go restock. We asked Colleen if she and Dennis would like to go along. Colleen came with us, but Dennis stayed home to work. He's always busy! The conchos used in their bracelets are made to put on bridles and other tack. The shaft meant for attaching needs to be removed for use as a bracelet. He clips it off, then uses a Dremmel to grind the rest of it away. All that has to be done before the holes for the bracelet connections are drilled. There seems to be almost that much work for all of the different jewelry they make.

Although the parking lot seemed quite full, the store itself was not bad. There were lots of carts and it wasn't terribly crowded. We all went our separate ways and soon had more than enough to fill the car! After our shopping, it seemed important to find a Dairy Queen for some ice cream treats. (I continue to be surprised there are not more Tastee Freezes or Dairy Queens or other ice cream shops here in Arizona. As hot as it gets, you'd think they'd be on every corner like Starbucks in Seattle. But they are actually hard to find.)

I had been reading in the paper about the amount of revenue the City of Mesa gets from baseball Spring Training. There was a long article about what the City is doing to spruce itself up and create more shopping opportunities for visitors. As we drove through looking for the Dairy Queen, we saw the Spring Training banners and new plantings all over downtown.

Of course, the bad part is getting home and having to put stuff away. I re-packaged all the packages of meat into individual meal sizes and spread them out in the freezer. That was enough for me for the day...

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