Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Longer Walk

Forgetting that it was Thursday afternoon and they would be in Fountain Hills setting up for theis weekend's show, we walked over to Colleen and Dennis' site (over by the road). I had assumed we would be able to stop and visit, taking a rest in the process. But, since they were not there, we had to continue back to our side of the world. We stopped to visit with Mike and Patty for a bit before I headed home to get supper started.

Earlier, Forry had walked up to the office to get the box of mail that Daughter MM had sent. I sorted through it all, filing, trashing and shredding. A good share of it was stuff we needed for our taxes, 1099s and W2s. I put those all together with the rest of the packet I was preparing for our accountant that we will get into the mail tomorrow.

It was fun to find a "Save the Date" card for the summer wedding of our young friend whose Dad leases our ranch. It's been fun to watch him grow up as he was just a young lad when they moved to our place. We met his fiancée last summer when she joined the family for brunch with us in Spokane.

It was another beautiful day today. I love the days in the mid to high eighties. The wind that we've had the last couple of days has died down. You can almost see the trees down in the river valley turning green every day. Some of the Palo Verde trees are starting to bloom.

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