Monday, February 15, 2016

Little Things

As I was making the bed this morning, I was thinking about how little things make such a difference and how little tolerance I have for things that irritate me. We have two sets of queen-size sheets and pillowcases, the bottom sheets of both sets have DEEP fitted corners. Like more than ten inches deep. They actually fit on the mattress that also has a thick foam pad on top of it - and they stay on!

I was trying to remember how many sets of sheets I had gone through before I was finally happy with what I had. I bought one set that had knit fabric. It was very pretty, but everything stuck to it! When I'd turn over in bed, my nightgown didn't come with me! It would cling to where I first laid down. Most frustrating. Then there were a couple of sets where the bottom fitted sheet just would not stay on, sometimes not even for one night! All I know is that I folded them up with the top sheet and the other pillowcase; put them in the first case and dropped them off at Goodwill!

It was another blissfully warm and beautiful day today. We spent the morning running the Robotic vacuum and then using a Swiffer wet mop in the bathroom and kitchen. Forry dusted the cabinets and ledges. It actually didn't take us long, but we were both ready for a siesta in the heat of the afternoon. We saw lots of javelina tracks along the fence walkway when we went for our walk, but saw no sign of the critters themselves. Forry walked all the way to the south end of the fence and back without using the walker. We made several stops for rest along the fence (sure would be nice if there were some benches along the way...), but he made it.

I had made stew with beef, parsnips, carrots, a turnip and a potato for supper, again using a bottle of hard apple cider for liquid. I've finally got it to the point where I make just enough with no leftovers.

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