Friday, February 12, 2016

It's Friday

There was a short period of time when TGIF really meant something. The last couple dozen years I worked at the hospital or at WSU Spokane, I actually worked day times and five day weeks. Before that time I worked mainly night shifts and weekends at work were just part of the rotation.

But since we've been retired, Fridays as a prelude to the weekend doesn't really mean much. Fridays, like other days, is more likely to be defined by what's on TV that night, than anything else. So, today is Friday. I know that because Blue Bloods is on the telly.

It was another gloriously warm day today. We sat outside this evening and watched the sunset. It was not as spectacular as last night as there were no clouds today. The best part is watching the changing colors on Four Peaks. With the sun shining on them, they are all shades of grey. As the sun starts to go down, they gradually turn pink, then shades of purple. The term "Purple Mountain Majesty" definitely applies here.

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