Monday, February 22, 2016

They're Back!

Our friends Dennis and Colleen returned to Eagle View today. They've covered a lot of territory since we've last seen them - some vacation and family time in the South and major shows in Las Vegas and Denver as well as some smaller weekend shows. They arrived today from a weekend show at Lake Havasu and will be selling in Fountain Hills this weekend.

We were - cautiously - sitting outside enjoying the sunshine when they arrived. It was warm today, but quite gusty. They went ahead to their site (over by the road) to setup. After a while Forry walked his bag of aluminum cans over to the recycle bin at the office, then walked on down to where Dennis and Colleen were parked. He was gone long enough for me to be a bit concerned, though I had pretty good idea of where he had probably ended up.

When we were discussing where we wanted to eat tonight, I remembered getting an email from the Outback Steakhouse proclaiming that today was "Bloomin Monday."  Because the Outback sponsored race car had won yesterday, the Bloomin' Onion appetizers were free today. That's all it took for us to decide where we were going for dinner. And it was very good! Once again, we came home with enough food for tomorrow.

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