Sunday, February 21, 2016

Another Critter!

We had come back from a walk and were sitting outside. I had been going in and out, fussing with the stand for the whirligig peacock. (I had used a small rock to make it stand up straight. When the wind blew the bird over, the rock fell down in the hole and blocked it. I had to get a needle-nose pliers to get the rock out...)

As I was coming back outside, Forry earned me to "watch out for the snake!" We watched a pretty good-sized rattler come from under my chair and under the steps of the motor home. I grabbed my phone and called Security. Two rings and he answered and said he would be right there. I wasn't scared, but had to have Forry tell me our site number, so I must have been a bit flustered. While we waited, we watched the snake come out the other side of our RV and head over to the neighbor's. The snake went over and started to crawl under the concrete berm at the end of Mike's site. (There are pictures on my Facebook page.)

When the Security guy came, he tried to use a rake to drag the rattler out, but it just crawled further under the berm, so he gave up and called the Fire Department who have crews trained to catch snakes. Since the Yavapai Fire Department is just down the road from the RV park, they were here within just a few minutes. One of the fireman had a large plastic bucket with a screw-on lid and the other had set of long-handled tongs.

He was able to reach under the back of Mike's RV and under the berm and grab hold of the snake. He pulled it out and dropped it into the bucket. It took them less than five minutes. They took the bucket with the snake, climbed back into their fire truck and were gone. The one fireman estimated the snake was about five feet long. It looked like it may been caught before as its rattles were gone.

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  1. We've had many a run in with rattlers at dad & moms, and each time there is a bit of being flustered!