Sunday, February 7, 2016


Today was a good day for critter watching. All was quiet when we went for our walk. (We went early so that we would be back to the RV before the Super Bowl.)  We had gotten back and I was sitting in front of the coach watching a couple of cows and a yearling calf come up alongside the other side of the fence. We were chuckling at the young one licking the "doggy bag" dispenser attached to a fence post (it might be salty due to all the dog walkers and the garbage crew opening and shutting it...).

All of a sudden, we saw something black. There was a javelina following the cows, and then a second one came running up. A few seconds later, we saw a third one running on our side of the fence! It scooted along, then ducked under the bottom rail and followed the first two down the trail and over the bank! This is the second time in a week we have seen Javelinas and these were a lot closer than the one we saw on the road the other day.

The sun is setting later every day with it staying light until after six now. We were watching Four Peaks turn pink and purple as the light changed when we saw a couple more cows coming up the bank and along the fence. They weren't in any hurry, stopping to graze as they went. As we watched, more came up. I think we ended up seeing seven of them mosey on by. They looked to be in pretty good shape. With all of the rain the last couple of weeks, there is lots of green grass growing amongst the mesquite bushes.

I tried another slow cooker recipe today with some chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, parsnips and Brussels sprouts. (The recipe called for chicken breasts with whatever vegetables you happened to have.) It had a lemon juice and olive oil marinade that the chicken and vegetables cooked in for four hours. The blurb about it raved about how tender and juicy the breasts were. Neither Forry nor I thought so! Forry thought it was just plain bland in spite of all the garlic in it.

Bored with cooking, I've been trying new recipes. So far, out of three tries, we've only liked one enough to fix it again. Wish I had Sister Sherry's ability to tell what a recipe will taste like just by reading it...

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