Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Different Day

What a difference a day makes! Yesterday I turned the A/C on for the first time. Today I switched the furnace on! It was chilly enough this morning I not only kept the door shut, I even put a sweater on. The low that swept into Southern California yesterday bringing them rain, has pushed on into Arizona bringing us overcast skies and cold. It's only supposed to last a couple of days - we should have warm weather again by the weekend.

Other than taking out the garbage this morning, I have not been outside all day. I was tired enough this afternoon for some reason, that I even took a nap instead of going for a walk. Forry went up to the office to check for mail, but that was about the extent of our activity.

Our friend Bill has been hospitalized with the flu and low O2 levels. Leslie tested positive for it as well. We're hoping they'll make a fast recovery! I understand the flu is hitting the Seattle area hard. If you haven't done it already, GET YOUR FLU SHOT!

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