Thursday, September 1, 2016


While I was over at the ladies koffee klatch this morning, I got a text from my brother Pat asking "What was for lunch?" His timing was perfect as I was having a bit of trouble biting my tongue. I know I'm considered "a bleeding heart liberal," but I was having a bit of trouble listening to an affluent woman whine about how she'd get more discounts and favors if her skin wasn't white! Pat's text was just in time to give me a reason to leave without saying what I was thinking!

Pat was in the area checking on a new field of onions planted for seed which will be harvested next year. He brought a wonderful care package with him. There was a mixed bag of onions and a box with sweet Anaheim peppers, garlic, cucumbers, plums, tomatoes and those little orange tomatoes that are as sweet as candy!

We had smoked pork chops for dinner tonight with Claassen sweet corn (from the MCA meeting the other night), and tomatoes and cucumbers fresh from Pat's garden - quite a feast! Then I sliced my last two peaches with ice cream for dessert. Life is good!

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