Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Clearing It Off

I think I commented yesterday that the maintenance guy had plowed our road, leaving a big old berm behind Toad II. It pretty much blocked our access to the road. This morning we saw all three of the guys out with the tractor as well as shovels. They used the tractor to load the snow in the berms into piles between the RV sites. Then they came in with their shovels. They cleared a path to the front door, all around the car, over to the shed, and even made a clear path to the bird feeder! What a neat bunch of guys they are!

Later Forry went out and cleaned the last couple of snowfalls off the top of Toad II. He was then able to drive over to the garbage cans and up to the mail box. Even though we complain about the snow here, we're fortunate we haven't had the winds. We have been getting reports from the Grant County Sheriff's office the past couple of days about blowing snow and drifted shut roads. They are asking everyone to not drive unless absolutely necessary. I understand there are a lot of stuck and stranded vehicles out there.

Other than feeding the birds and sweeping off the car - and Forry's trip to the mailbox - we have pretty much stayed indoors reading, playing sudoku and watching TV.  It was a good day to stick some sweet potatoes and muffin tin meatloaves in the oven.

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