Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Quiet Day

Oh, it felt so good to sleep in this morning. It's been a busy weekend and we had been up early too many days in a row. We pretty much stayed home today, so still have no idea what was going on last night next door.

I finished up the ranch books today and finally got a response on how to look at the bank statements for our personal account. Seems I have to do it on my laptop -- you can't access it from the mobile account on the iPad! so tomorrow I'll start on that project.

I finished off another one of the five gallon buckets of wheat scraps this morning. Seems like we have more and more quail coming in all the time. They seem to get pretty excited when they find any of the little scraps of grass that are finally beginning to show through the snow and ice. They are still very jumpy though. Rightfully so, as we saw a Northern Harrier circling around for quite some time.

Forry has been working on the electrical connections with the plug-in by the bathroom sink. It's been inoperative since we blew the inverter late last Fall. I'll be very happy when he figures it out. I miss having that outlet!

I did get a load of laundry done - and the dishes from the weekend

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