Sunday, January 15, 2017

Snowy Sunday

I was up early this morning, only to see lazy flakes of snow fluttering down. It didn't get any worse, so we went ahead and headed for church. I scattered wheat for the quail before we left, but the feeder was still half full. The snow kept up all the way to Menno, but it didn't get any heavier and it wasn't sticking.

The Search Committee had a short meeting after Sunday School, so it was late when we got back to Moses Lake. We stopped at Lowes to see about picking up another heater to have as a backup for our oldest one that has been working overtime. But, they were out of them - again! I wonder how many they have sold this winter? We do know that is at least the third time they've been sold out that we know of! We picked up more bird seed, then made a stop at DQ for ice cream sandwiches and Starbucks for a mocha for Forry before we headed on home. The feeder was empty, so I filled it up and  scattered more grain. We watched the third night of the PBR in Chicago then settled in to watch Saturday Night Live that I recorded last night.

It sent down big flakes of snow almost all day, but it didn't amount to much. It's still very cold, but now the forecast says it will be raining on Wednesday and will be warm..?

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