Sunday, January 22, 2017

Late Start

Staying up late to watch Saturday Night Live makes it tough to get going on Sunday mornings. And for some reason it was especially hard this morning. In my messed up brain, I was thinking we were a half hour away from Menno. But that's only how long it takes to get to Moses Lake. It's another twenty miles out to church! So we were late this morning. I hate being late!

Earl, one of our church friends, approached us after church and informed us he was taking us out to lunch in Moses Lake with him. We have occasionally had lunch after church with him before, but usually in Ritzville with Colleen and Dennis. Earl, who will be ninety this coming June, is a delight to visit with. We ate and talked and then visited some more. I think it was almost four by the time we got home.

It was raining this morning when we left for church and it was raining hard while we were having lunch in Moses Lake. The temperature was hovering around 36-37 degrees, but it once again dropped below freezing when the sun set. Hopefully, this will keep the thawing of all this saturated snow slow and it will soak in rather than just run off. But, the forecast still calls for more snow...

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