Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sun Desert Day

I did get myself organized today and went over to the Clubhouse this morning and joined the ladies for coffee (I spaced it last week!). In contrast to what I had heard about the last couple of weeks, there was a good turnout. I think everyone has cabin fever. I usually walk over, it's not that far. But is just too icy! It's barely possible to get to Toad II after one of the maintenance crew shoveled away some of the ice from the path to the doors at our place. Then, once I drove to the Clubhouse, I had to hang on to the car, trying to crunch the ice as I walked until I got to the sidewalk. It's treacherous out there!

Like the Bible Study meeting I was at last night, everyone seemed pleased to see each other and to share their holiday stories. Unfortunately, many had been sick with flu and bronchitis and there had been a couple of surgeries as well.

Today is the fourth Thursday of the month, so there was the monthly park potluck this evening. We debated briefly about going, but have committed ourselves to being friendly, so went. There was a fairly decent turnout, about twenty some people. As usual, there was some really good food, including homemade lemon meringue pies that the Park Manager made.

We drove back home afterwards admiring the glistening sheet of icy snow under the lights. Today continued the pattern of temperatures slightly above freezing during the day, melting some of snow, then again dropping below freezing after sunset. I know that this slow thawing is very good for both the farmers and those who would be affected by flooding. But, I sure am getting tired of the ice!

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