Wednesday, January 4, 2017


The sun was shining this morning. The reflection off of the snow was so bright, you almost needed sunglasses inside the RV! It was quite warm outside when I went out to fill the depleted bird feeder. That is, it was warm until a wind gust came through! That wind was cold!

This is a small portion of the flock of quail who have come to the snow covered patio to feed. They are scratching under the bird feeder where seed has been kicked overboard by the smaller birds. The little sparrows wade right in among the larger birds, pecking for their share.  I counted at least forty quail earlier working at picking up the wheat I scattered when I refilled the feeder. They are fun to watch. One filling of the feeder seems to last about twenty-four hours. I scatter four small cans full of wheat and it all disappears. I'm sure they would eat everything I can put out.

We debated about going to Ephrata to visit Vic today, but opted out due to the cold. Tonight's Bible Study in Moses Lake has been cancelled as well. It's just too cold to be out driving about!

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