Sunday, January 8, 2017


We were up early to get ready to go to church, but then we looked outside. There had been about three inches of snow on the ground when we went to bed. But since we had just driven back home from my brother's the top of the car was clear. Now, it was covered with another couple of inches of snow and it was snowing hard with big fat flakes. We decided to just stay at home.

It snowed ALL day long. There's a good five inches plus on the ground. I did go out to fill the bird feeder in the snow as it was completely empty again. I scattered several cans of wheat into the snow, wondering whether it was an exercise in futility since the snow was so deep. Turns out it wasn't. When the quail showed up, they very briskly started scratching. They seemed to be finding lots of kernels. I posted a video of them on my Facebook page. They are such industrious creatures.

I just read a note from Bill. He and Sharla did go to church this morning. He said the trip there was not too bad, but by the time it was over and they headed home it was another story. Between the snow and the nasty wind, there were lots of drifts across the roads. I think we made the right decision!

We had an interesting visitor this afternoon from a neighbor who lives just up the hill from us. He was checking to see if we were okay. And did we have enough food? He said if we needed anything at all to let him know. Nice to know that we have neighbors who care enough to check on us!

It is much warmer today. Our pipes seem to be thawing out nicely. We even have hot water. I think I should go ahead and run the dishwasher before it freezes down again.

It's still snowing, but it looks very wet. I see reports of freezing rain over towards Ritzville. I think the roads are going to be a mess tonight and in the morning.

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