Thursday, January 5, 2017

More Quail

It was VERY cold here this morning - it was a whole three degrees! We are definitely froze up. We were prepared with extra water, but it's still not fun. At least it is warm in the RV. The sun was reflecting off the snow and shining in the windows. It almost got too warm inside to be comfortable.

I went out and filled the bird feeder again this morning. It was completely empty! I scattered another four small cans full of wheat for the quail and hung a bag of nyjer seed in the little tree for the finches. I was a bit worried about how fast I was emptying the five gallon bucket of wheat, but Brother Pat assures me there is more where that came from.

I tried very hard this afternoon to get a decent closeup shot of one of the male quail, but the darn things are so quick. And they only seemed to want their derrieres photographed!

Oops, not quick enough! You can see the white neck ring on the one on the right.

Almost got him! A little bit of the markings on his head and the topknot.

Well, a front shot. See his white eyebrow?

Finally! I don't whether they are quite plump or whether they are puffed up from the cold. Note the little white crowned sparrow behind him.

The quail are definitely fun to watch. They scratch just like chickens and do a good job of cleaning up the bird seed that the little birds spill from the feeder.

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