Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sad Day

We planned to go to Ephrata's hospital today in time to relieve family so that they could go to lunch while we sat with Vic. But it was not to be. Vic passed away as we were parking the car outside the facility.

Our lives have been intertwined with Vic and Phyllis for a good fifty years, we considered and spoke of each other as family. Our first cross-country flights were taken with Vic on our wingtip. He and Phyl were with us in multiple trips across the United States, in Baja, mainland Mexico and throughout Central America. We watched their children grow up and they nurtured ours (Our girls learned their good work habits from Vic and about bakery birthday cakes from Phyl). We shared many family, church and Flying Farmer events over the years.

Their marriage was a classic City Girl meets Country Boy story. The nasty winter weather we've been  having lately prompted stories from Vic about some of his hairy drives back across the Pass to the farm on Sunday nights after a weekend of courting in Seattle. Their engagement picture always met with smiles from him. Phyllis passed away over eight years ago and Vic has been ready to meet up with her again for a long time.

Forry and I have been blessed to be able to be with this precious family the past couple of days. Their willingness to honor their father's wishes made for a peaceful transition. While we are very sad and sorrow filled tonight, we all rest comfortably knowing that Vic and Phyl are together again.

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry to hear. Will pray for the family and you guys.