Saturday, January 14, 2017


We can deal with a couple of days of being froze up. When everything thaws out, we take showers, wash dishes, do laundry and fill up the gallon jugs with water for the next go-round. BUT, the updated weather forecast came out saying this horrific cold snap was not going to be over by the weekend as they had first said, but would last until midweek. Brother Pat and Sister-in-law Cindy invited us to come over to their house to take showers and do laundry - as well as watch the Seahawks game! Thank goodness! We may not have been too pleasant to be around otherwise.

We were up early to watch the 15/15 Bucking Battle on TV, then drove over to Pat's in Moses Lake. It was a fun afternoon - except for the outcome of the game! Our Nieces Ashley and Becky were there with their spouses and kids. It's been fun getting to know their little ones this winter. The littlest girls, Kiera and Peyton, are going to run the world one of these days if they keep up the way they are going! Peyton was sharing spoonfuls of cookie dough with her Pop-Pop, but for some reason by the time she got to the living room with his spoon, it was always pretty empty...

We returned home in time to watch the second night of bull-riding from the PBR in Chicago, then it was on to the St.Mary's vs Gonzaga basketball game. In the meantime, the paper has been full of articles about the trades Manager Dipoto Has made for the Mariners this winter. It's almost time for Spring Training!

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