Monday, January 16, 2017

Long Day

It started off early as Forry had a dentist appointment to get his new crowns and he needed to be there  an hour early to be pre-medicated (we hadn't been to Spokane to get his prescription filled). After he took his antibiotics we went over to Ace Hardware and picked up another heater to replace our older one. Then back to the dentist's.

We had barely gotten home when I had a text from Pam telling us that Vic was not doing well. We turned around and went over to Columbia Basin Hospital in Ephrata. We spent the afternoon and early afternoon there with the rest of the family. Pam is going to spend the night and the rest of us will be back in the morning. After talking with the doctor, we are all aware that there is not a great deal of time left. It is good to be with family that are all in agreement about palliative care only per Vic's wishes...

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