Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New Baby!

Our Godson Pete and his wife Tessa had a baby girl yesterday. Her name is Mackenzie Grace and she is a darling! We were awaiting news yesterday as we knew Tessa was scheduled for a c-section. Late in the afternoon, pictures of the new arrival were posted on Facebook.

This morning, we got a text from Pete asking if we wanted to come and visit? Of course, we did! Early this afternoon, we headed to Samaritan Hospital in Moses Lake. After a stop to pick up some pink roses for the baby, we went up the second floor. Baby Mackenzie was sleeping in her Mommy's arms with her proud Daddy by her side. Fortunately, I got to hold Mackenzie and get my baby fix in. You forget how tiny babies are when they are brand new. Even though she weighed nine pounds, Mackenzie is so little! And so cute!

Such a fun visit! We made a stop at Staples to pick up an accordion folder for the 2016 ranch paperwork, then headed for home. But not before we picked up a couple of DQ ice cream sandwiches and a butterscotch latte for Forry at Starbucks.

We had awoken this morning to another inch of very wet snow on the ground. About noon, the sun came out and it was actually warm. The quail were out scratching in the snow when I got up, trying to see if there were wheat kernels under all that snow. It was warm enough this afternoon that that top layer of new snow has pretty much melted off, leaving the icy layers behind.

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