Thursday, January 12, 2017


I had good intentions of going over to the clubhouse this morning for the weekly Koffee Klatch, but I totally spaced it! It was way after ten o'clock when I thought about it... And I was really ready for some female company after being housebound for so long. I was quite annoyed with me.

We are froze up again as the temperature dropped precipitously last night. The sun was out and bright today with no clouds. That practically guarantees a cold night tonight also. By now, we've sort of gotten used to it. We just shift into using bottled water mode.

I fed the quail twice today. I had finished my first bucket of wheat this morning and managed to get the lid loosened on the second one. When I went out this afternoon to fill the now emptied bird feeder, I felt sorry for them as it was so cold. So they got a second scattering.

It is really cold and crisp outside. The maintenance guys did such a nice job of clearing the roads. They are nicely compacted and very easy walking, so I went for a walk. It's much easier walking now compared to a couple of days ago when I tried wading through a foot of snow. But my nose was cold when I came back inside.

I cut one of the acorn squashes I got at the grocer a couple of weeks ago in half to bake for dinner. I've been playing with cooking them upside down in the microwave for 15-20 minutes; then turning them over, adding salt, butter, brown sugar and a little honey and baking them for half an hour. They seem to stay juicier that way compared to just baking them. I think winter squash may be one of Forry's favorite foods.

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