Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Forrest did not have a good dental exam last month. The dentist drilled and filled a small cavity, but left the two larger ones to deal with in the new billing year. Dental insurance works differently than medical insurance. It pays 100% for preventative and routine care, then pays less and less as procedures get more complex. Unfortunately, for things like the crowns the dentist was prepping for Forry today, the insurance share is only 50%.

It has been interesting to watch O'Sullivan Lake (AKA Potholes) as the weather has gotten colder. We drive across O'Sullivan Dam every time we go to town. The lake has been freezing along the edges the past few weeks. When it snowed, it made it easy to see what was ice and what was still water. And there was beginning to be a lot of ice. You could see the large cracks and spaces in the ice where there was water movement. There are usually geese or ducks along the edges of the open water. All of the little ponds on the other side of the road from the Dam appear to be frozen solid.

With the new snow Sunday night, we also got strong winds that caused a lot of drifting. Today, when we went into town, the wind was still blowing and the lake was pretty choppy with some fairly good-sized waves. Most of the ice had broken up in to large chunks that were bouncing up and down as well. Quite a change from the tranquil scene we had seen previously.

We stopped at Basin Propane while we were in Moses Lake to see if they could fill our on-board propane tank, but were told that "No, they only filled their own large 200 gallon tanks." Evidently, our 35 gallon tank was too small for them to bother with. He finally sarcastically said they'd fill it for $150! His attitude did not make Forry at all happy...

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